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  • ticket:1598 - Petascope supports delete coverage with error metadata Summary: DeleteCoverage requests needs to read the coverage's metadata before it can delete the Rasdaman collection and the coverage's metadata from petascopedb. It cannot delete when the coverage's metadata has some errors and the coverage cannot be deleted in Petascope. It should only read the Rasdaman collection of the coverage to delete as this is the necessary metadata. Test Plan: Tested with case when coverage's metadata error with irregular coefficitients. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:
  • ticket:1590 - WCST_Import_Specification of unit of measurement (uom) for a coverage Summary: Supports the option for specifying uomCode (units) in general recipes for gdal, netCDF and Grib files. The uom of each bands can be extracted from the metadata (netCDF, Grib) or by user's input. Test Plan: Added test for wcst_import and wcs with DescribeCoverage to validate the swe:uomCode element's value. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:
  • ticket:1569 - Reduce time for ingesting Grib file in wcst_import Summary: Grib file has problem with speed in wcst_import as it takes long time to open and iterate each message. Then, need to remove all the unnecessary things like these. The time to ingest a Grib file with 1612 messages (330 kbs) comes from: 26.725s to 13.271s. In wcst_import, the number of messages is the most important value to consider, for example: a much bigger file (160 MB with 310 messages take only ~2 seconds to analyze, but the file with 1612 messages will take 5 seconds to analyze). Test Plan: run the test all wcst_import test Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:
  • ticket:1335 - transient structs interact more flexibly and correctly with unary and binary ops Summary: External changes: queries such as {c.0, c.2, c.1, c.9} from a collection with a struct of 10 types will now distribute most binary and unary ops band-wise. Internal changes: Reduced overly-assertive type checking in & implemented a checkType method in which permits transient structured tiles. Test Plan: test_select Reviewers: dmisev Differential Revision:
  • ticket:1509 - Throw excpetion when dimension of query and MDD do not match. Summary: Added the option of throwing an exception whenever the dimension between the query does not match with the MDD being investigated dimension. Test Plan: Files in the /systemtest/testcases_mandatory/test_subsetting/query and also systemtest/testcases_mandatory/test_subsetting/oracle are used. Reviewers: bbell, dmisev Reviewed By: bbell, dmisev Differential Revision:
  • ticket:1557 - addition of stddev / var condensers Summary: Added var_pop, var_samp, stddev_pop, stddev_samp operations implemented according to the SQL standard. Test Plan: Queries 'select var_pop(c) from nulltest as c' etc... Reviewers: dmisev, bbell Reviewed By: dmisev Differential Revision:
  • ticket:1566 added support for python statements in wcst_import

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OSCentOS release 6.5 (Final)
gcc --version4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-4)
javac -version1.7.0_55
bison --version2.4.1