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 ticket:1525 - Sort all the slices by the datetime axis in wcst_import Summary: Regular time series, Irregular time series already sorted slices by datetime, it needs to apply this function on the General recipes in cases the datetime are extracted from filenames, but the list of files is not in order of datetime axis. Test Plan: Run the test wcst_import with reversed file names. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-04-05 18:44:39     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1524 - print feedback about which file is analyzing before importing by wcst_import Summary: wcst_import will analyze all the files to create the slices with the subsets, metadata,... before importing to Petascope. It could take long time when the file is big or the number of files is large, so print what it is doing to know it still works. Test Plan: Run the test wcst_import. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-04-03 08:07:09     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1523 - RasUtil uses port from rasdaman_url config in Summary: Rasql queries running as command line need to use the port from, also fixed the empty version of petascope from rasdaman in parsing result. Test Plan: Tested by changing the port in it will not work when changing to a unavailabl port. Reviewers: dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-03-31 18:27:59     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1521 - Validate the status code from URL before processing in wcst_import Summary: Current wcst_import only validate petascope URL when it starts. It should be checked with any requests to server before running any handlers. Then, when petascope has exception with status is not 200, e.g: postgresql or rasdaman does not work, wcst_import will stop instead of finishing with success, but no data was imported. Test Plan: It was tested with: petascope cannot connect to postgresql (wrong username, postgresql stopped), rasdaman stopped, internet disconnect with CRS resolver with which will throw exceptions either in petascope or wcst_import for requesting URLs. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-03-31 17:15:39     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1530 - add support for profiling with gperftools Summary: add a cmake option to activate profiling with gperftools in rasserver. Test Plan: specify -DENABLE_PROFILING=ON, run some queries and check the /tmp/rasdaman_query_* files. Reviewers: bbell, vmerticariu Reviewed By: vmerticariu Differential Revision:   master   2017-03-31 15:41:39     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1518 - Evaluation expression for metadata enquoted with single quotes by default Summary: All the metadata should be evaluated from global metadata or band's metadata. Also because they are string so must be enquouted with single quoutes in ingredient file. It seems like this syntax only applied to "'${....}'" expression when user defined the ingredient files, but not with a string in metadata "This is a string", so the single quote will be added internally in this case for backwards compatibility. NOTE: expression with multiple single quoutes like: '\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'a\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'' will return "a" by eval. Also renamed test_data to testdata for consistence with other test folders. Test Plan: Run the test for wcst_import Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-03-31 14:27:46     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1522 - remove leading, trailing spaces in URLs from wcst_import ingredient file Summary: The leading or trailing spaces in URLs from wcst_import ingredient file will have problem with compoundCRS in SECORE as it cannot parse. Test Plan: Run the wcst_import Meris files with leading spaces Reviewers: dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-03-29 17:08:42     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1440 - fix compilation of c++ example   master   2017-03-29 16:26:32     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 [PATCH] ticket:1517 aligned tiling -- partial patch   master   2017-03-28 17:21:11     REJECTED   FAILURE 
 ticket:1515 - running the command 'make unit-check' in the build directory should no longer throw Failures or Exceptions. Summary: set up some code for a test fixture to create a socket for accepting connections -- needs to be run on a second thread (future ticket perhaps?) ( temporarily commented out the relevant tests fixed an uninitialized variable error in another rasmgr_x's constructor ( Test Plan: run "make unit-check" in the build directory Reviewers: dmisev Reviewed By: dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-03-24 13:43:31     APPLIED   SUCCESS 

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