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 ticket:000 - update version to 9.5   master   2017-08-24 12:06:42     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1609 - fix compilation with OpenSSL 1.1.0 on ARM architecture part 2   master   2017-08-24 09:41:26     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1609 - fix compilation with OpenSSL 1.1.0 on ARM architecture   master   2017-08-23 12:58:48     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1439 - WS-client, SECORE web interfaces automated testing Summary: WS-client, SECORE are web applications of rasdaman. They are used frequently but they don't have the web interfaces tests. Although, web services were added to system test, but, the user interfaces (Javascript, HTML) also needed to test to make sure these applications behave correctly from user's perspective. Hence, a Java application which uses Selenium web driver and PhantomJs (a headless web browser) is built to run these interface test cases automatically when running system test. Test Plan: Run the system test or run the test script of test_web_interfaces. Reviewers: dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-08-21 18:56:29     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:502 - Coverages's extents for wcs_client should be created only when wcs_client sends request instead of initializing it when Petascope starts Summary: wcs_client needs coverages's extents to display on WebWorldWind via /GetCoverageExtents request. Before, it was created when Petascope starts. This leads to a problem as when Tomcat restarts, rasdaman.war is deployed and secoredb is not deployed yet, and Petascope cannot fetch CRSs's metadata from SECORE, thus, petascope cannot start. Therefore, coverages's extents should only be created after Petascope started successfully when wcs_client sends WCS GetCapabilities request. Test Plan: This was tested in a test server which has this problem and Petascope could not start. Reviewers: dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-08-18 16:39:21     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1607 - Support show/hide coverages's extents on WebWorldWind in wcs_client Summary: In each page, add the checkboxes on reprojectable coverages to EPSG:4326 (i.e: can be displayed on globe), example: User can check/uncheck the checkbox to show/hide corresponding coverage on globe. Also, add a checkbox to show all coverages's extents from all pages on globe and user can check/uncheck to load/unload footprints, example: Test Plan: Tested in wcs_client Reviewers: dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-08-18 15:36:47     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1605 - System test should not execute test scripts in testcases_service folder when Java is disabled from build configuration Summary: Current, these test scripts ( in testcases_services folder will always run. It should skip them when -DENABLE_JAVA=OFF (or --disable-java in autotools) as petascope, secore don't exist to run test wcst_import, wcs, wcps,... Test Plan: Build rasdaman and run system test. Reviewers: dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-08-16 08:11:41     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:502 - fix problem with migration application to load GDAL native library Summary: Migration application should invoke the method to load GDAL native library before starting or later, it will throw exception when using crs projection from GDAL Java library. Also fix script to get the correct exit code when Java migration application throws exception. Test Plan: Tested by running from old petascopedb to migrate to new petascopedb. Reviewers: dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-08-15 15:50:52     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1496 - WCS client displays the text result in console when WCPS query is not encoded instead of dowloading as file (remerge to branch master) Summary: WCS client should not download the result as file when it is not encoded WCPS query (e.g: for c in (test_mr) return avg(c). Test Plan: Tested with WCS client in new Petascope. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-08-11 16:25:47     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:000 - fixed a missing WCPS query when merging from release_9.5 to master   master   2017-08-11 07:54:41     APPLIED   SUCCESS 

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