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 ticket:1598 - Petascope supports delete coverage with error metadata Summary: DeleteCoverage requests needs to read the coverage's metadata before it can delete the Rasdaman collection and the coverage's metadata from petascopedb. It cannot delete when the coverage's metadata has some errors and the coverage cannot be deleted in Petascope. It should only read the Rasdaman collection of the coverage to delete as this is the necessary metadata. Test Plan: Tested with case when coverage's metadata error with irregular coefficitients. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-08-10 16:30:00     APPLIED    
 ticket:1357 - Make a WCPS 1.0 parsing service to parse WCPS in XML elements (abstract syntax, XML syntax) Summary: WCPS has 2 types of syntax (abstract syntax which is the normal way to use and test in system test) and (XML syntax which is the legacy way to use in old Petascope). It needs to support both of these syntaxes from the input POST request in XML elements, either by simply extracting the abstract WCPS request which already done before and need to make a parsing service to parse WCPS in XML syntax by adjusting classes from old Petascope to generate abstract WCPS syntax instead of Rasql query. Test Plan: Run the system test for test WCPS which collects all the possible cases for WCPS in XML syntax. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-08-09 16:27:40     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1560 - Rename test queries, test oracles of test wcs, wcps to be consistent and remove obselete tests wcs, wcps. Summary: Rename and remove all the obsolete test oracles of test wcs, wcps. They should have unique number as prefix to allow copying changes in oracle files easier as file names are distinct. Test Plan: Run the system test for test wcs, wcps. Reviewers: dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-08-09 13:36:07     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1600 - WCS_Client logs the WCPS queries to console and records the time to execute queries Summary: Fix the bugs in WCS_Client to log requested WCPS queries to console and times to execute queries. Also, fix an error in error handler in case of Ajax request returns data object as arraybuffer instead of string. And some adjustments for GUI to be aligned in Browser. Test Plan: Tested manually in WCS_Client Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-08-09 10:47:06     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1577 - modified output of 1-D csv to be standards-conformant and adjusted the corresponding system tests Summary: removed an "else if" which was adding {} around 1-D data output as csv, presumably to distinguish it from 0-D outputs in the csv format Test Plan: test_conversion, test_select, test_wcps, and test_wcs already have several tests covering this situation. Reviewers: dmisev Reviewed By: dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-08-09 09:43:33     APPLIED    
 ticket:1601 - Error when reloading GDAL native library by Classloader of JVM in new Petascope Summary: a JVM can only load a native library path one time and when restarting petascope, the loaded library already existed so it does not allow to load it more. However, if petascope does not load the library path, then cannot use GDAL native library for crsTransform in new Petascope. There is a workaround for this problem by copying the GDAL native shared library (/usr/lib/java/gdal) to a temp folder in (/tmp/rasdaman/gdal_java/timestamp). Then, when petascope starts, it will register this temporary path and JVM will load without error (duplicate or missing native library path). Test Plan: Tested by restarting petascope application multiple-times. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-08-09 07:51:30     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1497 - WCS_Client displays Coverages's Extents in WebWorldWind Summary: This ticket needs to 2 steps: + First, build a service to create coverages's extents in Petascope and dump as JSON to WCS-Client. Not every coverages's extents can be reprojected to EPSG:4326, so only the reprojectable coverages are dumped. + Second, in WCS-Client, it parses the JSON result and adds the extents add polygon vector features in 3D Globe by WebWorldWind. Then, it allows user to show the coverage's extent in a tooltip when hovering over the polygon (for GetCapabilities, DescribeCoverage, GetCoverage tabs). Test Plan: See the output here: (GetCapabilities) and (DescribeCoverage) Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-08-08 17:25:46     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1533 - WCST_Import uses SECORE prefix from petascope's configuration as default crs_resolver Summary: WCST_Import should use the petascope's configuration for SECORE as default crs_resolver. Then, it is consistent from client to server. All the default_crs from ingredient files should also use the SECORE prefix from petascope's configuration. Test Plan: Run the test wcst_import when ingredient files using a non-existing SECORE urls. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-08-03 16:08:01     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:502 - Support to migrate to different datasource (DBMS) in new Petascope Summary: By default, Hibernate can only work with 1 datasource with Spring JPA. It has no problem to migrate from old petascopedb prior version 9.5 as this old petascopedb used JDBC with native SQL, and new Petascope uses Hibernate with another connection to target datasource. However, in version 9.5, if one wants to migrate to different datasource (new database or new DBMS), this needs to configure Hibernate manually, so it can connect to both datasources. Also, it reduced the time for querying basic metadata for WCS GetCapabilities when application starts as reading all the coverage's metadata is too long time and it is not needed. Test Plan: Tested to migrate to new database in same DBMS, different DBMS (HSQL) and also in PlanetServer-2 (the total time to starts application with full cached basic metadata is ~3 minutes). Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-07-26 12:51:27     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1496 - WCS client displays the text result when not encode instead of downloading as file Summary: WCS client should not download the result as file when it is not encoded WCPS query (e.g: for c in (test_mr) return avg(c). Test Plan: Tested with WCS client in new Petascope. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-07-25 16:10:36     APPLIED   SUCCESS 

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