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 [PATCH] ticket:254 changed within_bounds check for mintervals to take into account unbound limits   master   2017-07-25 10:08:36     REJECTED   FAILURE 
 ticket:1596 - Remove the incorrect if else condition of SubsetExpressionHandler in WCPS Summary: From Vlad's comment: "The else branch handles the cases of nested subsets, e.g. (c[Lat(0:10), Long(0:10)])[Lat(0), Long(0)] will be translated into rasql in the same way as c[Lat(0), Long(0)], resulting in a single interval. The problem is that it is assumed that the second subset is applied on the same metadata as the first one, basically overriding the first subset . This is not always the case, there can be an operation that changes the metadata: avg(c[Lat(0:10), Long(0:10)])[Lat(0), Long(0)] will move the subset inside the avg, and will be translated to avg(c[Lat(0), Long(0)]) when in fact the outer subset is applicable to a different object, and should result in an error." Test Plan: It is tested with WCS and WCPS and does not yeild error. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-07-24 11:41:35     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1598 - Petascope supports delete coverage with error metadata Summary: DeleteCoverage requests needs to read the coverage's metadata before it can delete the Rasdaman collection and the coverage's metadata from petascopedb. It cannot delete when the coverage's metadata has some errors and the coverage cannot be deleted in Petascope. It should only read the Rasdaman collection of the coverage to delete as this is the necessary metadata. Test Plan: Tested with case when coverage's metadata error with irregular coefficitients. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-07-21 15:16:48     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1593 - Supports bands's metadata and axes's metadata in WCST_Import, Petascope for encoding netCDF Summary: WCST_Import added the "bands" object as a property of "metadata" object in general recipes to allow to specify the metadata of user defined coverage's bands. Then all these bands's metadata are collected as bands element of coverage's metadata in Petascope and add it to each corresponding band of encoding in netCDF (only netCDF supports this feature). Test Plan: Run the test for test_all_wcst_import and WCS, WCPS. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-07-18 08:20:38     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:502 - Migrate legacy petascopedb manually by script Summary: Due to the requirement to migrate legacy petascopedb prior version 9.5 by script, petascope needs to be separated to 3 applications: petascope-core which contain the common utilities, repositories, services, model classes, petascope-main which contain all the services parsers, handlers (WCS, WCPS, WCST, WMS) and petascope-migration which contain the migration handler (current only support migration from legacy petascopedb to version 9.5). Also, for Hibernate strategy, to support the best performance for Postgresql, the strategy TABLE which causes Postgresql significantly slow (few seconds to persist instead of milliseconds) is replaced to SEQUENCE. That means, any DBMS does not support sequence like Mysql will not work, meanwhile H2, HSQLDB work without problem. Test Plan: It is tested with Cmake and Automake, and to test in PlanetServer-2 to migrate coverages, OWS metadata service and WMS layers. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-07-17 10:22:51     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1578 - Use JSON in Petascope GetCoverage with gml and add JSON parser for Raswct Summary: There are 2 things need to change: + Petascope with GetCoverage in GML+XML using JSON format internally. + Raswct supports parsing value from JSON beside CSV. Test Plan: Run the system test Reviewers: dmisev, vmerticariu Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-07-04 13:23:28     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1569 - Reduce time for ingesting Grib file in wcst_import Summary: Grib file has problem with speed in wcst_import as it takes long time to open and iterate each message. Then, need to remove all the unnecessary things like these. The time to ingest a Grib file with 1612 messages (330 kbs) comes from: 26.725s to 13.271s. In wcst_import, the number of messages is the most important value to consider, for example: a much bigger file (160 MB with 310 messages take only ~2 seconds to analyze, but the file with 1612 messages will take 5 seconds to analyze). Test Plan: run the test all wcst_import test Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-06-30 12:04:34     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1591 - RasUtil runs Rasql query to update collection by Rasj Summary: Rasql query to update collection can be passed to Rasserver by Rasqj as another query without write permission. This helps to avoid problem when the passing parameters are too big for running Rasql query by bash. Test Plan: Run the test all wcst_import Reviewers: dmisev, vmerticariu Differential Revision:   release_9.5   2017-06-30 11:47:34     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1590 - WCST_Import_Specification of unit of measurement (uom) for a coverage Summary: Supports the option for specifying uomCode (units) in general recipes for gdal, netCDF and Grib files. The uom of each bands can be extracted from the metadata (netCDF, Grib) or by user's input. Test Plan: Added test for wcst_import and wcs with DescribeCoverage to validate the swe:uomCode element's value. Reviewers: vmerticariu, dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-06-30 11:32:15     APPLIED   SUCCESS 
 ticket:1509 - Throw excpetion when dimension of query and MDD do not match. Summary: Added the option of throwing an exception whenever the dimension between the query does not match with the MDD being investigated dimension. Test Plan: Files in the /systemtest/testcases_mandatory/test_subsetting/query and also systemtest/testcases_mandatory/test_subsetting/oracle are used. Reviewers: bbell, dmisev Reviewed By: bbell, dmisev Differential Revision:   master   2017-06-28 11:53:51     APPLIED   SUCCESS 

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