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Priority: major (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Version
#268 Petascope streaming results new dmisev enhancement major 8.3
#596 WCPS1.5_WCPS Interval expression to actually support mathematical expressions assigned vmerticariu defect major development
#680 Customizable handling of sample size of a coverage point assigned vmerticariu enhancement major development
#913 Move coverage's grid origin when domain is extended assigned vmerticariu defect major development
#936 Inserting slices in middle of existing irregular timeseries assigned vmerticariu defect major development
#1095 WCS-T doesn't support CInt16 assigned dmisev defect major development
#1273 Petascope ODMG - Wrong return from single boolean value in Rasql query new defect major development
#1304 3D coverages in WMS assigned dmisev question major development
#1316 WCS_CRS_Extension Support reproject on distort coverage. new defect major development
#1342 Petascope_Create correct base type with range fields when create collection assigned bbell defect major development
#1597 CONCAT should be supported in WCPS? new enhancement major development
#1602 add correct lat/lon to pixel index transformation test new bphamhuu defect major development

Priority: minor (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Version
#679 Support for gml:CompoundCRS assigned dmisev enhancement minor 9.0.0
#1143 WCST Import should write the result of the ingestion to a log file assigned bphamhuu defect minor development
#1303 Rasql_WCPS_Support interpolation argument in project() and crsTransform() functions new dmisev enhancement minor development
#1308 Petascope_More meaniningful error from Rasql projection() new defect minor development
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