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#378 Interest tiling does not work for 3D+ dmisev defect major qlparser 8.4
#596 WCPS1.5_WCPS Interval expression to actually support mathematical expressions vmerticariu defect major petascope development
#680 Customizable handling of sample size of a coverage point vmerticariu enhancement major petascope development
#1049 subsetting in rasdaman is inconsistent bbell defect major qlparser development
#1077 Rasdaman protocol benchmark vfrasineanu defect major rasnet development
#1127 Testing scenario for rasdaman functionality dmisev defect major undecided development
#1157 OIds stored as double dmisev defect major undecided development
#1191 Investigate all indexes and tiling strategies in rasdaman dmisev task major tilemgr development
#1215 Concurrent queries on client side bbell defect major rasnet development
#1247 rasql takes a really log time to retrieve 1GB of 3D data dmisev defect major rasnet development
#1248 Remove DE/FR errtxts defect major raslib development
#1283 min/max on structs is incorrect pbaumann defect major qlparser development
#1284 random behaviour in condense of structs bbell defect major qlparser development
#1304 3D coverages in WMS dmisev question major petascope development
#1370 chunk size in network protocol dmisev defect major clientcomm development
#1393 Rasj_Select into is not valid query bphamhuu defect major rasodmg development
#794 complex constructor doesn't work with rasj dmisev defect minor java development
#997 Remove getpass from the code drusu enhancement minor rascontrol development
#1256 Decode operation crashes server when the file contains 0 bands bbell defect minor qlparser development

Status: new (37 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#888 Overflow in parsing mintervals dmisev defect critical qlparser development
#268 Petascope streaming results dmisev enhancement major petascope 8.3
#861 avg_cells overflows dmisev defect major qlparser development
#887 Partial updates 6D dmisev defect major tilemgr development
#950 Null value must be an integer or integer interval dmisev enhancement major qlparser development
#973 induced condense doesn't seem to consider nulls vmerticariu defect major qlparser development
#1089 Test RASBASE durability with parallel queries dmisev enhancement major systemtest development
#1099 Deprecate rasdl dmisev defect major rasdl development
#1101 sdom reports bounds of physical tiles, rather than actual data bounds dmisev defect major qlparser development
#1102 Tiling code in rasodmg dmisev defect major rasodmg development
#1103 Tiling behavior pbaumann defect major rasodmg development
#1195 delete from collection slow for big collections dmisev defect major relblobif development
#1253 Tiling size doesn't always work for aligned tiling defect major rasodmg development
#1273 Petascope ODMG - Wrong return from single boolean value in Rasql query defect major petascope development
#1285 struct comparison should not be induced defect major qlparser development
#1293 Induced condenser doesn't work with where clause vmerticariu defect major qlparser development
#1316 WCS_CRS_Extension Support reproject on distort coverage. defect major petascope development
#1354 optimize load should take into consideration all the intervals dmisev defect major undecided development
#1374 min/max on boolean arrays segfaults defect major catalogmgr development
#1385 case fails on array joins with different tiling vmerticariu defect major qlparser development
#1401 Rasql_Memory leak with Select into when insert with many MDDs defect major rasql development
#1408 Rasql_Project() does not work properly with multiband coverages dmisev defect major rasql development
#1517 unit tests for tiling bbell defect major undecided development
#1529 wcst_import pixelIsPoint:true should be applied internally for netCdf, gribb file enhancement major wcst_import development
#1538 rasdaman cannot be compiled with boost > 1.60 defect major rascontrol development
#1567 valgrind for system tests defect major systemtest development
#1594 regular tiling doesn't work with negative indices? bbell defect major rasodmg development
#942 header files should be installed in include/rasdaman subdir dmisev enhancement minor build system development
#1161 diverging file name conventions dmisev defect minor undecided development
#1303 Rasql_WCPS_Support interpolation argument in project() and crsTransform() functions dmisev enhancement minor petascope development
#1308 Petascope_More meaniningful error from Rasql projection() defect minor petascope development
#1473 Rasql_Check jpeg2000 values consistently defect minor rasql development
#1526 Put the crs variable to netCDF output defect minor rasql development
#1543 rasmgr segfaults when started with port < 1024 defect minor rasmgr development
#1544 Ingesting data that doesn't fit in RAM should report a proper error defect minor rasserver development
#1573 rasdaman does not compile with -DENABLE_STRICT=ON and -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=" -O3" bbell defect minor debug development
#1575 should rasdaman have sdom intersection? bbell enhancement minor rasql development
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