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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#928 Incorrect result of CASE statement with MDDs in "then" clauses vmerticariu defect major qlparser development
#936 Inserting slices in middle of existing irregular timeseries vmerticariu defect major petascope development
#1276 rasserver dies with segfault when configured with a postgres backend dmisev defect major rasserver development
#1478 raspasswd doesn't exist dmisev defect major rascontrol development
#1549 support for inf in rasdaman enhancement minor qlparser development

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1582 problem in cast operator dmisev defect critical qlparser development
#1531 intra-query parallelisation mtarigradschi enhancement major rasserver development
#1546 rasserver log error reporting not always informative defect major rasserver development
#1556 arccos/arcsin/arctan -> acos/asin/atan bbell enhancement major undecided development
#1568 implement polygon clipping bbell enhancement major qlparser development
#1571 systemtest oracle files are 65MB enhancement major systemtest development
#1576 rasj requires the remote hostname to be resolvable locally defect major java development
#1592 Document stddev/var condense functions pbaumann defect major manuals_and_examples development
#1595 Tiles on the filesystem are executable defect major relblobif development
#1599 SECORE_Change to use Spring Boot framework defect major secore development
#1602 add correct lat/lon to pixel index transformation test bphamhuu defect major petascope development
#1604 WCS_Client show WMS map of coverage if possible bphamhuu enhancement major wcsclient development
#1610 OWS_Client WCS/WMS GetCapabilities should be invoked automatically when user invokes modifying requests from client bphamhuu enhancement major wcsclient development
#1611 NetCDF converter doesn't support unsigned types alexander.w.jacob@… defect major conversion development
#1579 binary & unary ops: type validity can be extended bbell defect minor qlparser development
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