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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#837 Parallel ingestion issue dmisev defect major lockmgr development

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#107 relational schema documentation pbaumann enhancement major manuals_and_examples 8.2
#216 Index testing dmisev enhancement major indexmgr 8.3
#542 Function calls in complex types constructors dmisev enhancement major qlparser development
#783 database object caching is too greedy dmisev defect major reladminif development
#906 Submit RRasdaman to CRAN task major applications development
#913 Move coverage's grid origin when domain is extended vmerticariu defect major petascope development
#1095 WCS-T doesn't support CInt16 dmisev defect major petascope development
#1168 Centralized configuration manager vmerticariu enhancement major undecided development
#1295 Rasdaman installer error reporting dmisev defect major build system development
#1440 The systemtest should test compiling example C++ and Java client programs dmisev task major systemtest development
#1589 Rasql_Read query from a file when it is too long for bash defect major rasql development
#228 Add function in rasql to rotate objects dmisev enhancement minor qlparser 8.3
#309 extend user guidance in raswct guide vmerticariu enhancement minor raswct 8.3
#364 expand parameter should be aplicable to ParameterizedCRS dmisev task minor secore 8.4
#388 Add constraints on compound CRSs dmisev enhancement minor secore 8.4
#653 Dev documentation on Petascope classes vmerticariu task minor wiki development
#679 Support for gml:CompoundCRS dmisev enhancement minor petascope 9.0.0
#826 Port ES partners' clients to raswct vmerticariu defect minor undecided development
#992 Memory Leaks drusu defect minor raslib development
#1143 WCST Import should write the result of the ingestion to a log file bphamhuu defect minor petascope development
#1175 rasql create type is not preserving the axis names dmisev defect minor undecided development

Status: new (21 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#311 Dynamic re-tiling of arrays dmisev feature major rasserver 8.3
#480 Aligned tiling does not work in general nD with partial updates dmisev defect major qlparser development
#602 Adding sorting capabilities to rasdaman dmisev feature major applications development
#904 rasdaman should implement OGC 12-100r1 (GeoTIFF) pbaumann enhancement major conversion development
#1091 Document rasdaman top-level directories dmisev enhancement major wiki development
#1174 compile warnings reappeared dmisev defect major undecided development
#1320 Embedding netcdf compilation in rasdaman dmisev enhancement major build system development
#1411 Updates should ignore null values? question major undecided development
#1535 clean up installation documentation defect major wiki development
#1597 CONCAT should be supported in WCPS? enhancement major petascope development
#155 flip operation pbaumann enhancement minor qlparser 8.3
#254 Regular computed index much slower than R+ tree index dmisev defect minor indexmgr 8.3
#340 Dead code detection dmisev enhancement minor undecided 8.4
#367 Add format parameter to SECORE dmisev task minor secore 8.4
#461 CASE statement should work with differently tiled arrays vmerticariu enhancement minor qlparser 8.5
#532 Trailing white spaces dmisev defect minor undecided development
#710 rasgeo doesn't handle NaN in raster attribute tables aherzig defect minor rasgeo development
#1166 concentrating default values dmisev defect minor build system development
#1180 brush up generated API documentation dmisev defect minor undecided development
#1251 API should use more defaults dmisev defect minor rasodmg development
#1225 Refactor catalogmgr/autogen_ops.* enhancement trivial catalogmgr development

Status: reopened (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#246 Getting information about arrays dmisev enhancement minor qlparser 8.3
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