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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#505 Performance leak for timestamp to numeric coordinate conversion pcampalani defect blocker petascope 8.5
#439 usage of ps_descriptions table in petascope 8.x bthapaliya defect critical petascope 8.5
#652 Document time handling of Petascope pcampalani task critical wiki development
#732 GML CRS definitions are invalid and need to validate all definitions bphamhuu defect critical secore development
#12 asterisk and sdom in rasql defect major qlparser 8.0
#26 CSV converter delivers wrong result on large data dmisev defect major conversion 8.1
#53 Processing marray objects not in the database dmisev enhancement major applications 8.3
#127 Change datatype of OId to long hstamerjohanns enhancement major rasserver 8.3
#135 Composite type creation over old types. enhancement major rasdl 8.3
#260 raswct Diagram Enhancements mdumitru enhancement major raswct 8.3
#292 decode() function in rasql gmerticariu feature major conversion 8.3
#308 Access control in secore mrusu enhancement major secore 8.3
#312 Web interface for loading geo-spatial data dmisev feature major petascope 8.3
#325 Rasdaman not cleaning up after segmentation fault dmisev defect major rasmgr 8.4
#348 build general-purpose client based on raswct, in the spirit of rview dmisev enhancement major applications 8.4
#440 usage of ps_domain table in petascope 8.x pcampalani defect major petascope 8.5
#441 usage of ps_range table in petascope 8.x pcampalani defect major petascope 8.5
#485 Random RasQL output dmisev defect major undecided 8.5
#507 Bash scripts for petascopedb new schema creation and migration pcampalani enhancement major undecided development
#510 Documentation for the new schema of petascopedb pcampalani defect major undecided development
#511 Use origin and offset vectors in Petascope for domain2cell conversion pcampalani enhancement major petascope development
#516 Oracles to be independent of configured SECORE resolver pcampalani defect major systemtest development
#582 petascopedb to fully support SWE Quantities vmerticariu enhancement major petascope development
#599 imagecrsmetadata when subsetting near border mdumitru defect major petascope development
#618 Data ingestion uses more memory than necessary dmisev defect major undecided development
#628 Wiki documentation for different rasdaman versions pbaumann enhancement major wiki development
#637 GML domainSet to be correctly updated on WCS scaling operations pcampalani defect major petascope development
#650 Document Index CRS handling and CRS:1 pcampalani task major wiki development
#651 Document GML origin, sample size and bounding box pcampalani task major wiki development
#655 Document rasgeo component pcampalani task major wiki development
#758 Evaluate the use of fixed number of decimal places in numeric representations vmerticariu enhancement major petascope development
#934 wcst_import improvements mdumitru enhancement major applications development
#1178 Can't debug rasserver with gdb defect major rasserver development
#1187 rascontrol grammar does not accept IP address for definind inpeer atoader defect major rascontrol development
#1506 data ingestion with directql has a segfault bbell defect major undecided development
#1514 make unit-check fails to compile and run unit tests bbell defect major rasnet development
#21 Include an explicit list of dependencies in inst-guide.pdf pbaumann enhancement minor manuals_and_examples
#39 RasJ sometimes fails with I/O error mdumitru defect minor java 8.1
#58 allow trimming with and without extending enhancement minor qlparser 8.3
#134 rasdl --del* bug when deleting used types bphamhuu defect minor rasdl 8.3
#150 SECORE: disallow and flag nested composition bphamhuu enhancement minor secore 8.3
#153 Petascope gives error when valid OWS Common parameter is suppled as part of request bphamhuu defect minor petascope 8.3
#200 use mkstemp nkolev enhancement minor conversion 8.3
#316 Wrong cross-reference in QL guide pbaumann defect minor manuals_and_examples 8.3
#358 a CRS:1 subset out of coverage bounds on the temporal axis is not managed correctly pcampalani defect minor qlparser 8.4
#375 vertical EPSG CRSs missing in SECORE pcampalani defect minor secore 8.4
#486 Patch Manager to handle newline in header line dmisev enhancement minor patch_manager 8.5
#500 Use String constants for Multipoint PostGIS requests pcampalani defect minor petascope 8.5
#513 Import functions in systemtest dmisev enhancement minor systemtest development
#529 systemtests for server errors with wget pcampalani defect minor systemtest development
#594 Add .lo and .hi selections in domain( ) and imagecrsdomain( ) WCPS functions pcampalani feature minor petascope development
#620 header logo has wrong link dmisev defect minor undecided development
#701 File extension is unknown when using encode() uadhikari defect minor qlparser development
#703 Typos in user interface pbaumann defect minor undecided development
#865 wcs client errors should not be literals atoader defect minor applications development
#867 wcs client needs cleanup atoader defect minor applications development
#949 WCS client uses SCALEFACTOR even when not set atoader defect minor undecided development
#1172 grpc adjustments atoader defect minor rasnet development
#1173 suppress 3rd party warnings atoader defect minor build system development
#1183 error request should return content instead of empty in system test dmisev defect minor systemtest development
#1561 building a struct of struct types (as user defined types) should throw an exception for the time being bbell defect minor qlparser development
#10 .4e-5D cj defect trivial qlparser 8.0
#98 Transient transfer failed errors upon write transaction defect trivial server 8.2
#514 Noisy errors during imports for systemtests pcampalani defect trivial systemtest development
#580 Duplicate header in WCS SOAP responses pcampalani defect trivial petascope development
#943 resolve bison conflicts bphamhuu defect trivial qlparser development

Resolution: invalid (19 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#9 conversion dem() not work cj defect critical qlparser 8.1
#174 ILxzjv <a href="">ebxyshwqsiky</a>, [url=]cmwtzgdhzxak[/url], [link=]tzehzfskgnbo[/link], defect major server 8.1
#235 Exporting to JPEG2000 results in SIGABRT dmisev defect major conversion 8.3
#265 WMS fill pyramid fails on large collections dmisev defect major rasgeo 8.3
#277 using color tables for petascope output pbaumann enhancement major petascope 8.3
#488 Javadoc documentation for Petascope gxinghua defect major petascope 8.5
#509 WCPS does not distinguish between coverage and CRS axis mdumitru defect major petascope development
#581 Test for communication protocol mdumitru defect major undecided development
#611 Adapt systemtest to use rasimport instead of rasql/psql dmisev enhancement major systemtest development
#617 rasql insert within an MDD object dmisev enhancement major qlparser development
#641 crsSupported item shall be instantiatable AbstractCRS pcampalani defect major petascope development
#1179 document mod() and div() pbaumann defect major manuals_and_examples development
#11 .35, 16.0d in rasql defect minor qlparser 8.0
#237 Deleting collections should be split into several transactions dmisev question minor qlparser 8.3
#293 Help function in rasql dmisev feature minor qlparser 8.3
#506 Coverage axes and CRS axes mdumitru defect minor petascope development
#601 Escaping logical ANDs chains when collections are involved dmisev defect minor qlparser development
#725 rasdaman does not show correct error on multiple write transactions dmisev defect minor undecided development
#1505 csv output of multidimensional data is missing outer parens bbell defect minor conversion development

Resolution: wontfix (15 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#116 Specify samples to be imported from a multiband TIFF dmisev enhancement major conversion 8.3
#234 Test rasimport with large file and small server countdown dmisev defect major rasmgr 8.3
#322 Cubism D3 plugin for raswct? mdumitru feature major raswct 8.4
#323 Integration with Debian package at DebianGis mdumitru task major DEB 8.4
#331 WMS to support publication of slices of a coverage abeccati feature major petascope 8.4
#420 provide means for usage feedback pbaumann enhancement major undecided 8.4
#504 Unit tests for petascopedb triggers, utilities and migration script pcampalani enhancement major petascope development
#728 rasimport - dissatisfactory CRS handling aherzig defect major rasgeo development
#8 conversion tor() not work defect minor conversion 8.1
#121 bug in rasdl parser dmisev defect minor rasdl 8.3
#136 Rasdaman and libpng15 vmerticariu defect minor conversion 8.3
#211 Cleanup in servercomm mdumitru enhancement minor servercomm 8.3
#214 Include broadcasting rules from numpy into WCPS abeccati enhancement minor petascope 8.3
#252 Segfault when rasserver is restarted dmisev defect minor rasmgr 8.3
#315 Allow services to specify which CRS the service will offer in the GetCapabilities response abeccati enhancement minor petascope 8.3
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