May 6, 2010:

11:06 PM Changeset [fcda34a]experimentalfeature_CISfeature_PetascopeSecorefeature_cmakefeature_rasdapyfeature_wcps2fixesrelease_8.5release_9.0release_9.1release_9.2release_9.3release_9.4release_9.5 by Andrei Aiordachioaie <a.aiordachioaie@…>
Updated README file.
10:13 PM Ticket #41 (add automated test suite to distribution) created by pbaumann
the systemtest/ test suite needs to be reactivated by adding a …
1:00 PM Ticket #40 (rasmgr log improvments) created by cj
* make rasmgr give sign of life less frequently * make sign of life …

May 4, 2010:

3:25 PM Changeset [26c676d]experimentalfeature_CISfeature_PetascopeSecorefeature_cmakefeature_rasdapyfeature_wcps2fixesrelease_8.5release_9.0release_9.1release_9.2release_9.3release_9.4release_9.5 by costea <costea@…>
fixed server crash because of faulty compression
3:22 PM Changeset [4a0ded0]experimentalfeature_CISfeature_PetascopeSecorefeature_cmakefeature_rasdapyfeature_wcps2fixesrelease_8.5release_9.0release_9.1release_9.2release_9.3release_9.4release_9.5 by costea <costea@…>
deleted useless debug messages which make server crash

May 3, 2010:

4:44 PM Documentation edited by pbaumann
4:43 PM Documentation edited by pbaumann
4:33 PM FAQ edited by pbaumann
4:32 PM Support edited by pbaumann

Apr 29, 2010:

11:32 PM Changeset [8b816f6]experimentalfeature_CISfeature_PetascopeSecorefeature_cmakefeature_rasdapyfeature_wcps2fixesrelease_8.5release_9.0release_9.1release_9.2release_9.3release_9.4release_9.5 by Andrei Aiordachioaie <a.aiordachioaie@…>
Updated stale test case for scaling operation.
11:27 PM Changeset [7343f46]experimentalfeature_CISfeature_PetascopeSecorefeature_cmakefeature_rasdapyfeature_wcps2fixesrelease_8.5release_9.0release_9.1release_9.2release_9.3release_9.4release_9.5 by Andrei Aiordachioaie <a.aiordachioaie@…>
Implemented the scale operation. Interpolation methods and null …

Apr 28, 2010:

10:57 AM Changeset [7cd411b]experimentalfeature_CISfeature_PetascopeSecorefeature_cmakefeature_rasdapyfeature_wcps2fixesrelease_8.5release_9.0release_9.1release_9.2release_9.3release_9.4release_9.5 by Constantin <jucovschi@…>
added --enable-benchmark option to configure adapted code so that it …

Apr 23, 2010:

4:47 PM Ticket #39 (RasJ sometimes fails with I/O error) created by aaiordachioaie
Sometimes RasJ crashes, returning an exception that references an …
4:45 PM Ticket #38 (RasJ reports wrong query result) created
When query select add_cells(i[5:5]) from NN3_1 AS i is executed …

Apr 22, 2010:

1:13 PM Ticket #37 (patch manager needs improvement) created by pbaumann
1) patch mgr shows only the 10 most recent patches, but doesn't state …
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