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    3232For a simple example check the reply you get from accessing the service check the user friendly form obtained by a GET request.
     36= !PetaScope Introduction =
     38  * [wiki:Features Features]
     39    -- An overview on the features of !PetaScope
     40  * [wiki:WhyPetaScope why PetaScope?]
     41    -- When and where and why !PetaScope is useful
     42  * [wiki:Technology Technology]
     43    -- Description of the technology behind !PetaScope, the WCPS reference implementation stack
     44  * [wiki:Requirements Requirements]
     45    -- System requirements for running !PetaScope
     46  * [wiki:License License]
     47    -- The license model under which the !PetaScope reference implementation stack is available
     49== The WCPS Standard ==
     51The OGC Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) defines a language for retrieval and processing of multi-dimensional geospatial coverages representing sensor, image, or statistics data. Services implementing this language provide access to original or derived sets of geospatial coverage information, in forms that are useful for client-side rendering, input into scientific models, and other client applications.
     52WCPS relies on the coverage model as defined in OGC Abstract Specification Topic 6 “Schema for Coverage Geometry and Functions “ [OGC 07-011] and the OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) Standard [OGC 07-067r5] where coverages are defined as “digital geospatial information representing space-varying phenomena”, in WCS currently constrained to equally spaced grids.
     54The WCPS language is independent from any particular request and response encoding, as no concrete request/response protocol is specified by WCPS. For setting up a WCPS instance, therefore, a separate, additional specification establishing the concrete protocol is required. This allows embedding of WCPS into different target service frameworks.
     55One such target framework is OGC WCS. Together with the pertaining request type definition [OGC 08-059r3] WCPS forms an extension of the Web Coverage Service (WCS) version 1.1.2 Standard [OGC 07-067r5]. With small changes, this extension is expected to also apply to subsequent versions of WCS.
     56Another target framework is the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) standard [OGC 05-007r7]. WPS defines a generic framework for XML-RPC based submission of processing requests. WCPS represents one particular service type, namely one that accepts requests expressed in the WCPS language for execution on coverages stored server side.
     57Further, discussion about a linkage of WCPS with the OGC Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) has been initiated.
     59The following documents are relevant for WCPS; they can be downloaded from []:
     60   * '''OGC 08-068r2:''' The protocol-independent ("abstract") syntax definition; this is the core document. Document type: IS (Interface Standard.
     61   * '''OGC 08-059r3:''' This document defines the embedding of WCPS into WCS by specifying a concrete protocol which adds an optional ''ProcessCoverages'' request type to WCS. Document type: IS (Interface Standard.
     62   * '''OGC 09-045:''' This draft document defines the embedding of WCPS into WPS as an application profile by specifying a concrete subtype of the ''Execute'' request type.
     65   * The XML schema of the WCS Processing Extension (OGC 08-059r3) is [].
     66   * The XML schema of WCPS as a WPS application profile is under development.
    3568=== WCS ===