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applications done with rasdaman: map navigation, satellite image time series, climate data, astrophysics, fluid dynamics, human brain imaging, gene expression analysis

Welcome to rasdaman!

This is the website of the rasdaman project. Rasdaman ("raster data manager") is an array database system (also called "raster database system"). It allows to retrieve and maintain multi-dimensional arrays of unlimited size stored in standard relational databases through an SQL-style query language.

The information category "array" appears - as sensor, image, or statistics data - in manifold applications, such as earth sciences, space sciences, life sciences, engineering, and multimedia.

Rasdaman allows to quickly set up array-intensive services which are distinguished by their speed, flexibility, and scalability; see also this comparison?. In conjunction with the petascope package implementing OGC standards, rasdaman represents the most powerful, flexible, and scalable geo raster server available.

Commercial Support

A dedicated research spin-off company, rasdaman GmbH, provides software enhancements, expert consultancy, participation in projects, and joint ventures on a commercial basis to foster widespread use of rasdaman.

PS: Greetings to all rastafarians! wha'ppen, man?

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