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Use case: Zoom and pan over a seamless airborne 2-D image map. This OGC Web Map Service (WMS) is implemented via the raster query language - i.e., each GetMap request is translated into a raster query which, following server-side optimization and evaluation, presents the image requested.

Web Mapping still is the prevailing application of geo services. The OGC Web Map Servive (WMS) represents the standard for accessing maps as stacked layers, whereby each layer can be styled individually.

In these demos, a standard WMS interface is used; maps are generated, however, through OGC WCPS queries.

Q: What is the difference to Google Maps?

  • This viewer and service is based on an open geo service standard, OGC WMS. There is a large number of free and commercial clients out there which can access this service and display map images.
  • The pixel data used are retrieved from an open-source database system (PostgreSQL, if you care) which gives many advantages wrt. service flexibility and ease of maintenance.
  • Each mouse click is transformed into a raster query expression. The underlying request language is extremely flexible and can be used for many purposes - actually, it is used for all services offered by this website.