From global warming to local warming

Ferrara (Italy) is really hot these days …

A walk through xWCPS 2.0

xWCPS (XPath Enabled WCPS) is a novel Query Language that combines OGC Coverage data and metadata processing features. It merges two standards, the XPath 2.0 for its capabilities on semistructured data handling and WCPS for its array data processing capabilities.

Upcoming EarthServer Events and Workshops

EarthServer is running a series of workshops and training events across Europe throughout the next couple of months. The focus of the workshops is to show the benefits of standardised Web Coverage Services and to give hands-on examples   how they can be integrated into existing geospatial data workflows.  The workshops are fully hands-on and all course materials will be provided as Jupyter Python [more info] notebooks.

EarthServer provides access to Open Climate and Air Quality Data for #OpenDataHack at ECMWF

Over 70 developers, data wranglers, scientists and data enthusiasts came to #OpenDataHack @ECMWF on 4 and 5 March 2017 to explore creative uses of open weather and climate data from ECMWF and the three Copernicus services: the Climate Change Service (C3S), the Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS) and the Emergency Management Service (EMS).

Web WorldWind & EarthServer

ESA-NASA Web World Wind is a free, open source API for a virtual globe. World Wind allows developers to quickly and easily create interactive visualizations with a 3D globe for mapping geographical information (