FeMME - Federated Metadata Management Engine

The Federated Metadata Management Engine is a schema-agnostic metadata management engine. It is designed to provide storage and access capabilities over an unlimited range of metadata models and formats, originating from multiple data sources.

FeMME lies on top of modern NoSQL databases (MongoDB and ElasticSearch), allowing it to scale with metadata volume and load and paves the road for exascale data systems metadata management.

Its core metadata model and its associated toolkit supports nativelly the federation of metadata catalogues that span different administrative and disciplinary domains and

The key features of the engine include:

  • Support of multiple metadata formats
  • High performance metadata retrieval
  • Minimal assumptions about metadata schema
  • Support for semantic query expansion
  • Support of xPath queries
  • Support for full text retrieval
  • REST API for resource handling
  • etc

FeMME is Free and Open Source Software.