Big Earth Data at Your Fingertips

Publication date: 
12 October, 2015
Baumann, P.
Medium / Event: 
EO Science 2.0 Conference, ESA, Frascati, IT

We plan to showcase rasdaman to demonstrate flexibility and scalability of Array Databases. Flexibility arises from the query language which allows to formulate both simple and complex ad-hoc requests; these can refer to both local data and data residing somewhere in the peer network, thereby allowing fusion across data centers. Scalability arises from the intelligent optimizations that can be applied to datacube queries, from local parallelization (across CPU cores, GPUs, and other New Hardware), and from splitting queries across different nodes in a cloud or across clouds.

The demonstration is arising from EarthServer-2 whose paradigm is "Big Earth Data at your fingertips". At the time of the conference, there will be deployments at ECMWF, ESA, PML, and NCI/Australia, altogether exceeding 150 TB, which will form a peer federation for distributed query processing. We will demonstrate various queries showing capabilities and performance, and visitors can launch their own queries.

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