Datacubes in Action: Array Databases as Enabling Innovation

Publication date: 
19 October, 2015
Baumann, P.
Medium / Event: 
ESA Living Planet Symposium

A paradigm shift is becoming reality. We begin to see the datacubes behind the millions of files. We start combining heterogeneous datacubes in an ad-hoc fashion. And we begin to overcome the age-old, technology imposed divide between data and metadata, supported by query languages like OGC WCPS for geo datacubes and ISO SQL/MDA for general multi-dimensional arrays.

Pioneered by rasdaman, the NewSQL technology of Array Databases has set out to "significantly transform the way that scientists in different areas of Earth Science will be able to access and use data in a way that hitherto was not possible", as European Commission and international reviewers have attested rasdaman based on "proven evidence". Notably, rasdaman is the blueprint for datacube standards in OGC, INSPIRE, and ISO. Hence, Agile Analytics based on scalable, distributed processing of complex Big Data queries is becoming reality. For example, the intercontinental EarthServer federation is advancing its European and Australian 100 TB datacubes to PB size in 2016.

In our presentation we briefly introduce Array Database technology, background, and standardization status, exemplified by rasdaman. The main part will be a live demonstration of datacube queries on 3-D satellite timeseries and 4-D weather data cubes, with the aim of stimulating creativity for novel access paradigms.

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