All in One: Encoding Spatio-Temporal Big Data in XML, JSON, and RDF Without Information Loss. Standardizing Big Earth Datacube.

Publication date: 
11-14 Dec. 2017
Baumann, P.
Hirschorn, E.
Maso, J.
Merticariu, V.
Misev, D.
Medium / Event: 
2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data)

With the unprecedented availability of continuously observed and generated data there is a likewise unprecedented potential for new and timely insights; yet, benefits are not fully leveraged as of today. The plethora of formats in combination with heterogeneous services remains is an obstacle - e.g., image services prefer binary formats, SPARQL endpoints like to think in RDF triples, and browsers integrate JSON data smoothly. We propose a model-based multi-encoding approach for overcoming the limitations of individual formats while still supporting their use. Concretely, this approach is being followed by the OGC Coverage Implementation Schema (CIS) standard which establishes a concrete, interoperable data model unifying n-D spatiotemporal regular and irregular grids, point clouds, and meshes. We describe how independence from data formats is achieved, in particular for three practically relevant formats - XML, JSON, and RDF -, thereby fostering integration of hitherto rather separate application domains.

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