Spatiotemporal Data-Cube Retrieval and Processing with xWCPS

Publication date: 
Jan 2018
Kakaletris, G.
Koltsida, P.
Kouvarakis, M.
Apostolopoulos, K.
Medium / Event: 
GISTAM 2018, 4th International Conference on Geographical Information

Management and processing of big data is inherently interweaved with the exploitation of their metadata, also "big" on their own, not only due to the increased number of datasets that get generated with continuously increased rates, but also due to the need for deeper and wider description of those data, which yields metadata of higher complexity and volume. Taking into account that generally data cannot be processed unless enough description is provided on their structure, origin, etc, accessing those metadata becomes crucial not only for locating the appropriate data but also for consuming them. The instruments to access those metadata shall be tolerant to their heterogeneity and loose structure. In this direction, xWCPS (XPath-enabled WCPS) is a novel query language that targets the spatiotemporal data cubes domain and tries to bring together metadata and multidimensional data processing under a single syntax paradigm limiting the need of using different tools to achieve this.

Citation Info: 
Kakaletris, George & Koltsida, Panagiota & Kouvarakis, Manos & Apostolopoulos, Konstantinos. (2018). Spatiotemporal Data-Cube Retrieval and Processing with xWCPS. 148-156. 10.5220/0006814601480156.