D 5.1 Standardization Report - Pilot

EarthServer-2 WorkPackage 5 addresses standardization. First, this means rigorously adopting standards as the sole client/server interfaces for the Web service oriented architecture chosen. However, it does not stop here, but – by tradition established in EarthServer-1 – actively shapes Big Data standards. Workpackage 5 partners, Jacobs University and Rasdaman Gmbh, are active in several bodies standardizing service interfaces on “datacubes”, i.e.: multi-dimensional arrays. This addresses Earth science and engineering in OGC, ISO, and INSPIRE, and it also addresses horizontal standards by extending the SQL query language with support for massive multi-dimensional arrays in a domain-agnostic way. For the future, this opens up opportunities for better handling of databases in Life sciences as well as in industry, in areas such as simulations in automotive, shipbuilding, and aerospace industry.

This deliverable reports on the WP5 activities of EarthServer-2 H2020 project in OGC, ISO, RDA, and INSPIRE, up to Milestone M2 of its Description of Activity. On each task it gives background, reports on progress made, and sketches next steps. In the conclusion results are compared against the DoA measurables defined.