D 1.2 Management Report

The EarthServer-2 project reached its end on April 30th, 2018. The three-year H2020 project, building on its FP7 predecessor EarthServer advanced substantially. Three milestones were passed, with incremental updates of both software backend and services through respectively Pilot, Full and Consolidate stages. The progress at project end is in line with DoA. 

The coordinator, with support of all WP leaders and partners carried out activities as established during the first reporting period. Monitoring of those activities was carried out at the multiple timescales used from project kick-off, ranging from day-to-day email and collaborative chat integration, through teleconferences, monthly, quarterly reports and face2face meetings.

The passage through M3 and M4 milestones allowed to establish both technology and services developed throughout the project lifetime. 

Resources have been used to progress on all WP and tasks as per DoA.

KPI collection and monitoring is in line with the first reporting period and expectations have been met. Excerpts of specific WP KPIs are included.