D 4.5 Service Operation Report - Consolidated

This report outlines the final state of the services developed during the final period of the EarthServer-2 project as well as highlighting the overall achievements during the full period of the project.  The service aim was to increase the data holdings available to users to in excess of 1 Petabyte. This has been achieved with the total data available, not including MARS archive, well in excess of 1.5 Petabytes. If we include the size of the data provided by the Climate Science Data Service the total is in excess of 2 Petabytes.  

The development has focused on 3 areas; increasing data holding, improving clients and improving tools allowing programmatic access to data services.  The EO Data Service (EODS) has been promoted as the primary web client for users of EarthServer data. This reduced the confusion for users as to where they should go to interact with data. The client development as part of the EODS is presented in section 2.3. Development of programmatic tools has been the focus of the Marine Science Data Service (MSDS). The group has successfully developed and contributed back a major update to the OWSLib Python package. A standalone package, es-data-lib, has also been created to act as a tool for executing WCPS queries against the data archives provided by the EarthServer-2 services. These are outlined in more details in 2.1.2 Clients.

The work of the service partners was feed back to the developers for them to be able to improve their software. Feedback provided on installation, data ingestion, interface and data formats has contributed to the evolution of the software and helped to make it more competitive. 

The clients and data provided to users represents an invaluable resource for the wider environmental science community.  With the continuation of key aspects of the services the legacy of EarthServer-2 will be felt for some time.