D 6.3 Networking Report – Consolidated

Between July 2017 and April 2018, individual project partners and the EarthServer-2 consortium jointly were involved in multiple outreach activities to reach domain-specific audiences, policymakers, industry experts and the general public. The range of expertise to the EarthServer-2 project partners gives this enterprise a special ability to reach a variety of different communities, including climate science, marine science, planetary science, Earth observation and ‘big data’ geospatial databases.

Dissemination channels used span beyond traditional scientific channels, such as technical conferences and publications, to more modern media channels for scientific communication of Earth data, e.g. blog post entries and interactive events, such as hackathons, etc.

Networking activities include oral presentations and poster contributions at technical conferences, scientific publications, media-related news items, technical workshops, hackathons and tutorials, as well as establishing collaborations with external partners and research groups.

It is worth highlighting the increased number of joint activities of the EarthServer-2 consortium. Multiple project partners have been involved and dedicated to EarthServer-2 workshops and booths, jointly prepared in mutual collaboration.

With this reporting period the EarthServer-2 project comes to an end. In the last three years the EarthServer-2 project took a leading role in the standards and scientific community to advertise the potential of data cubes and establish EarthServer as a leading solution. The project concluded with series of events at the European Geographical Union (EGU) General Assembly 2018 where the attraction of large attendances reflects the success in outreach the project has achieved.