D 1.1 Management Report

The project passed M1 and M2 reaching Pilot status and progressing towards Full software and service deployment. Results of project-related activities have been presented at major conferences, workshops and events in the field of Earth Science.

Overall progress is in line with DoA, the project is well on track. All partners advanced in the planned work plan and contributing to the project advancement. 

The coordination activities led by JacobsUni have been carried out continuously from project start until present using the approach described in the DoA with monitoring and interaction across partners and between partners and coordinator at multiple timescales, from day-to-day cooperation to monthly, quarterly reporting. Established collaboration platforms turned out to be effective for all activities across the project.

Plans for M3 are based on DoA and considering inputs of the relevant scientific communities and stakeholders represented by consortium partners and their cooperation networks. Expansion of underlying capabilities, served and analysed data volumes as well as analytical capabilities and scientific and commercial exploitations are on track for M3 “Full” development and service deployment.

About half of the planned resources have been used at mid-term and all partners are progressing on their respective tasks.

KPI for WP1 include timeliness of activities, interaction across partners, overall project development and progress as well as deliverable quality and timeliness. They all have met expectations. Dedicated KPI per Work Package are included in dedicated WP deliverables and referenced here.