Communication & Information Technologies Experts S.A.

CITE is a SME, activating in the broad domain of ICT systems engineering, research and consulting. The main commercial activities of the company include large scale systems design and implementation, techno-economic analysis of ICT systems and services and systems’ quality assurance and testing. In the area of research and innovation CITE designs and implements cutting edge solutions for cloud and distributed infrastructures, information retrieval and data management systems, specialized simulation and modeling tools etc, bringing beyond-state-of-the-art concepts into systems’ production lines. CITE activities powered by and established on the competences of its workforce, which in the majority consists of postgraduate degree holders with a large multiproject / multiyear experience in research and innovation projects, both at European and National level. As of August 2014 CITE employees 15 permanent full time staff s/w engineers and researchers, in addition to its founding members and key shareholders and other duty staff.
CITE is ISO9001:2008 certified for the management and execution of IT projects.

Role in EarthServer 2:

  • Workpackage Leader in WP3 (Service Development).
  • Contribute in exploitation of results.
  • Contribuite is software specifications establishment.