Meteorological and Environmental Earth Observation - MEEO S.r.l. ( is a privately-held company devoted to the implementation and development of products and services based on remote sensing of the Earth-Atmosphere system. Since 2006 MEEO is a consolidated partner of the European Space Agency (ESA). The main expertise offered deals with Environmental Remote Sensing data processing tool implementation (such as the Multi-sensor Evolution Analysis (MEA) system for multi-temporal data management and analysis), climate data services implementation, image information mining, satellite and ground data integration, change detection application, multi-temporal analysis, webGIS applications development and implementation for private and public local administrations, standardization of processes and data storage / transmission tools (OGC, INSPIRE).

Role in the Easrthserver 2:

  • Contribute to Services: Operation of EarthServer on MEEO’s atmospheric data based on existing data sets
  • Contribute to: Atmospheric service user support & feedback elicitation
  • Contribute to: Networking & Exploitation