The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is a United States government agency activating in aeronautics and aerospace research. NASA was founded in 1958 leading thereafter US space exploration effort. Its achievements, among others, include the renown Apollo moon-landing missions, the Miner, Pioneer and Voyager missions, the Space Shuttle, Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) and others.

NASA's role in the EarthServer 2 is twofold:

  • Provide advice and technology for the general-purpose 3D/4D client for EarthServer-2, that will be based on the NASA open-source WorldWind, widely used by the research community. This will allow display of 4-D x/y/z/t datasets on a globe (including time-variant datasets) while the user keeps full control over zoom, pan, choice of data displayed, and their visualization parameters. The use of the WorldWind virtual globe as a day-to-day data access will represent a major step forward in usability.

WorldWind is an open-source visual globe that has received national and international awards, including NASA Software of the Year.

  • Consult the project towards in its attempt to ensure that automatic service distribution among federations will not compromise data center security.

NASA also has an indirect role in the EarthServer 2 project as it is one of the key data providers for services' cases established by the project.

NASA is a unfunded partner of EarthServer 2 Project.