rasdaman gmbh

Research spinoff rasdaman GmbH has been established for giving commercial support to the rasdaman Array Database technology. Founder and CEO of this Bremen based SME is Peter Baumann (secondary employment to his occupation as Professor at JUB ). Among rasdaman’s customers are Deutscher Wetterdienst / DE, VITO / BE, and UK MetOffice. The company is member of the German delegation to ISO and editor of the forthcoming ISO 9075 Part 15: SQL/MDA (Multi-Dimensional Arrays).
In 2008, rasdaman GmbH has disclosed large parts of its product to establish the open-source rasdaman community version in parallel to the commercial rasdaman enterprise version, adopting a dual-licensing model. Downward compatible rasdaman enterprise comprises highly effective performance boosters, extra functionality, and convenience utilities. For both versions the company offers support, development, and maintenance.
Through its close collaboration with JUB – for example, in the further development of the open-source rasdaman – the company has continuous access to young high-profile software developers.


  • Workpackage Leader of WP6 (Networking & Exploitation)
  • Contribute to technology development & service partner support