D 2.1 Requirements Analysis Report

This Requirements Analysis Report summarises the identified requirements to implement and operate successfully these spatial-temporal Big Data Analytics services for a wide range of stakeholders. These stakeholders represent today’s major scientific domains, which are challenged by overly large volumes of geospatial data. These include the Earth-Observation, Climate/Meteorology, Marine and Planetary domains. The stakeholders require services that involve usage, deployment and administration of this data.

PlanetServer/EarthServer: planetary data exploration and exploitation through array databases

PlanetServer, the Planetary Service of the recently completed EC FP7 e-infrastructure project EarthServer ( (Rossi et al, 2014; Baumann et al., 2015) is a state-of-art online data exploration and analysis system based on the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards. It concentrates on Mars imagery and hyperspectral (MRO CRISM) data (Oosthoek et al., 2014) and also comprises subsurface sounding data from MEX MARSIS (Cantini et al., 2014).

A Distributed Infrastructure for Earth-Science Big Data Retrieval

Earth-Science data are composite, multidimensional and of significant size, and as such, continue to pose a number of on-going problems regarding their management. With new and diverse information sources emerging as well as rates of generated data continuously increasing, a persistent challenge becomes more pressing: to make the information existing in multiple heterogeneous resources readily available. The widespread use of the XML data-exchange format has enabled the rapid accumulation of semi-structured metadata for Earth-Science data.