Climate Science Data Service

ECMWF develops the climate science data service. The service will provide access to multiple Petabytes of ERA-interim reanalysis data stored in ECMWF's Meteorological Archival and Retrieval System (MARS) through the OGC standard data access protocols WCS and WCPS. ECMWF currently offers a basic web interface to its MARS archive that holds more than 90 PB of operational and research data. While this is much used and appreciated by users, researchers from the meteorological and other domains struggle with the conventions and formats the service provides. This has prevented many users from taking full advantage of the archive. It is in the interest of ECMWF as a data provider to provide a web-based access to the full range of data and information without the necessity of downloading the data. By serving data from the MARS archive in a standardized way, reanalysis data will become better accessible in a more tailored format to researchers and decision-makers.

Besides the meteorological community, the service can be of value for operators of satellite services for calibration and verification, and various other domains interested in climate data.

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