NASA WorldWind

WorldWind was the very first open-source virtual globe, developed and released by NASA in 2003. There are now versions in Java, JavaScript, iOS and Android. All versions of World Wind are architected as Software Development Kits (SDKs). 

In 2009, WorldWind was recognized with its most prestigious award, NASA Software of the Year. In addition, James Gosling, the ‘Father of Java’ has said “WorldWind is the gold standard, truly a thing of beauty!”

EarthServer is very happy to employ the JavaScript/HTML5 version of WorldWind.

WorldWind can incorporate any spatial data you like, aerial photography, topographic maps, KML, Collada, GeoTiff, etcetera. Out-of-the-box it comes with NASA and USGS satellite imagery, OpenStreetMap and Microsoft Bing data.

For further info on WWW please visit the links below:

You can find the WorldWind Explorer web app framework:

You can play with the Explorer live here: