rasdaman enables Web-based geo data offerings and Big Data Analytics on multi-dimensional raster ("array") data of unlimited size:

  • fast: parallel access to Exa-scale archives and Terabyte objects in fractions of a second.
  • scalable: seamlessly from laptop to high-parallel, high-availability clouds and server farms.
  • flexible: "Array SQL" for navigation, extraction, processing, and ad-hoc analysis.
  • open standards as issued by OGC: WMS, WCS, WCS-T, WCPS; rasdaman is WCS Core Reference Implementation.
  • free: available as open source.
  • cost-efficient: through intelligent, economic resource utilization and free source code.

The rasdaman technology enables storage of multi-dimensional arrays ("raster data") of unlimited size in a conventional database, and retrieval through its SQL-embedded array query language. Array data occur in manifold domains, such as:

  • Geo: Web Mapping, exploration, climate research, oceanography, disaster mitigation, etc.
  • Bio: confocal microscopy, brain imaging, various medical scanners, such as X-ray, PET, fMRI, etc.
  • Astro: optical and radio astronomy, cosmological simulation
  • Statistics: n-dimensional data cubes (in this respect rasdaman resembles a next-generation MOLAP system)