A critical success factor to taming Big Earth Data are open standards and their scalable implementation. OGC with its coverage data and service standards has established an open, modular framework. Actually, the OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) enjoys a large and growing implementation basis. The OGC WCS Core Reference Implementation rasdaman represents a flexible, high-performance open-source Array Database System which has shown to scale to 100+ Terabyte databases and splitting single queries over 1,000+ cloud nodes.

To ease and foster uptake of these OGC Big Earth Data standards a series of Webinars has been produced by EarthServer. The videos are hosted on Youtube and linked here for your convenience, together with a one-hour TV feature "Big Earth Data" done collaboratively with German TV stations ZDF and ARTE during EarthServer phase 1.

The following webinars are / will become available:

General Introduction

Coverage data

Coverage services


Copernicus Masters Winner

rasdaman is the pioneer Array Database facilitating flexible, scalable filtering and processing of massive multi-dimensional datacubes. Here we explain how to operate it:

xWCPS webinar

Further Resources


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