Work plan

EarthServer is organised into three activities:

Joint Research Activity:

  • WP2 (Analysis) is a joint activity of software developers and service operators. A re¬quire-ments analysis is carried out and an implementation roadmap is established for software development and service operation. Further, initial deployment of the EarthServer platform is performed for the new service partners, and installation updates for the existing ones.
  • In WP3, software development is done by the technical partners (JUB, RAS,CITE, NASA). Development is performed repository-based along the agreed implementation plan, results are rolled out in a set of agreed formats (ex: source code, precompiled packages, VM) for users to pick. Additionally, support to service operation (WP4) is provided.

Service Activity:

  • In WP4, the EarthServer-2 services are established, deployed and operated. Service partners will use the server-side EarthServer software as provided by JRA and customize them by establishing streamlined clients using the client development toolkits provided by JRA.

Networking Activity:

  • WP5 feeds back experience into standardization, thereby establishing and enhancing core Big Data standards in OGC, ISO, RDA, and INSPIRE.
  • WP6 performs general communication, dissemination (such as publications by the science partners) and exploitation (in particular, commercialization aspects tackled by the 3 SMEs participating). This WP is led by one of the SMEs.


  • M1 Analysis & specification (Month 4)
  • M2 Pilot Prototype    (Month 15)
  • M3 Full Prototype (Month 26)
  • M4 Consolidated Prototype (Month 36)