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Agile Array Analytics

Our investigation focuses on Array Databases, a research field we have pioneered: flexible, scalable services on large, multi-dimensional array data. Applications are manifold: Earth, Space, and Life sciences, engineering and simulation, statistics, and business. All these domains suffer from "Big Data": too big to transport them to the place they are needed. hence, intelligent interfaces are required so that data can be processed in place. In the scientific communities, aspects of such research are called "big science on big data", "massive data analytics", "long-tail research", etc. Databases, with their declarative query languages, offer a solid paradigm for such client/server interfaces.

Among our main results are:

  • the free, open-source rasdaman array analytics server, in operational use on dozen-Terabyte raster objects;
  • several OGC geoservice standards, such as the WCPS geo-raster processing language;
  • OGC coverage standards showcase illustrating n-D geo raster services based on OGC standards (running rasdaman).