Bogus Opcodes

(This is an assembly programmer joke. Especially VAX assembly.)

    AAAH        Add And Automatically Halt
    AAO         Arbitrary Arithmetic Operation
    AARTZ       Add And Reset To Zero
    ABC         Abdicate Basic Compiler
    ACM         Automatically Clear Memory
    ADG         Add Garbage
    ADN         Add Naseum
    AIM         Add Improper
    BAH         Branch And Hang
    BBBAB       Bite Baudy Bit And Branch
    BBC         Branch Before Compare
    BBL         Branch on Burnt Out Light
    BBR         Burn Bridges ** FEATURE FOR BACKUP ERASURE**
    BBZ         Branch Before Sleep
    BCEGR       Branch on CE Ground
    BKCRDR      Backspace Card Reader
    BKSPD       Backspace Disk
    BKTPR       Break Tape Reverse
    BLI         Branch if Loop Infinite
    BLMNF       Blow Main Fuse
    BLPIN       Branch and Loop Indefinite
    BOB         Branch On Bug
    BOBI        Branch On Blinking Indicator
    BOBOI       Branch On Burned-Out Indicator
    BOCBF       Branch On Chip-Box Full
    BOH         Branch On Horoscope
    BOPLT       Burn Out Pilot Lights
    BOPO        Branch On Power Off
    BOSO        Branch On Sleepy Operator
    BOXMS       Branch On Index Missing
    BPB         Branch on Program Bug
    BPE         Bypass Program Error
    BPECK       Bypass Error Check
    BPO         Branch if Power Off
    BPW         Break Programmer's Will
    BRPCB       Burp and Clear Bytes
    BSC         Branch on Short Circuit
    BSCH        Burst Select Channel
    BYCRE       Bypass Core
    BYTRN       Byte and Run
    CBFTM       Clear Bit Five Throughout Memory
    CBS         Crash Bothersome Source-code
    CCS         Chinese Character Set
    CDHI        Crash Disk Head Immediate
    CIRM        Circulate Memory
    CISA        Change Instruction Set Architectures
    CMBG        Create Machine Bug
    CNFM        Confuse Memory
    CNFOP       Confuse Operator
    COEOR       Crash On Every Other Run
    COFT        Count On Fingers and Toes
    COII        Choke On Innocuous Instruction
    CPB         Create Program Bug
    CRAP        Crash at Presentation
    CRDT        Create Data
    CRN         Convert to Roman Numerals
    CSUE        Circular Shift Until Empty
    CTRNS       Convert To Roman Numerals
    CUDA        Crash Unless Debugger is Active
    CUSEP       Crash Unless Someone Else is Present
    CVUME       Cover Up Machine Errors
    DABCM       Digit And Branch Converter Modifier
    DAC         Divide And Conquer
    DACR        Divide and Crash
    DAMIT       Transfer Control to Perdition
    DAO         Divide And Overflow
    DAR         Demand A Recount
    DAX         Divide and Explode
    DBS         Disable Break and Spin
    DCTCB       Dump Core To Chad Box
    DDDS        Dig Deeply into Disk Surface
    DDMWH       Dump Dim Map of Western Hemisphere
    DESSPK      Destroy Storage Protect Key
    DEVIA       Develop Ineffective Address
    DITCK       Drop Into Check
    DLTCR       Delete Core
    DRPBTS      Drop Bits
    DSTME       Destroy Memory
    EAIT        Execute All Instructions Twice
    ECL         Early Card Lace
    EDPMAB      Electrocute DP Manager And Branch
    EIPU        Exponentially Increase Power Usage
    EJCAB       Eject Chad Box
    EJD         Eject Disk
    EMU407      407 Emulation
    EPI         Execute Programmer Immediate
    EPMAS       Erase Protected Memory Areas
    ERCDP       Erase Card Punch
    ERCDS       Erase Cards
    ERND        Erase Nearby Disks
    ERPTW       Erase Print Wheel
    ERROS       Erase Read Only Storage
    ETCRD       Eat Card
    EVPDX       Evaluate Paradox
    EXIOC       Execute Invalid Op Code
    EXOP        Execute Operator
    FCC         Frequently Clear Caches
    FDCDJ       Feed Card and Jam
    FLA         Find Loophole in Algorithm
    FSKPRW      Forms Skip and Run Away
    GEX         Generate Exception (alternately: "Generate Excitement")
    GFRN        Generate Frightening Noises
    GLPSB       Gulp and Store Bytes
    GPAER       Generate Parity Error
    GPC         Goose Program Counter
    HCF         Halt and Catch Fire  **  PRIVILEGED OPERATION  **
    HCR         Hash Contents of Registers
    HRI         Hog Resources Indefinitely
    HUS         Hibernate Until Spring
    IAD         Illogical AND
    IAI         Inquire And Ignore
    IBS         Invert Bit Sense
    ICP         Ignore Co-Processor
    IFKTR       Initiate Fake-out Routine
    IGSPC       Ignore Supervisor Call
    IISH        Ignore Interrupt And Hang
    ILLAD       Illogical AND
    ILLOR       Illogical OR
    ILPS        Invert Logical Power Supply
    INC1401     1401 Incompatibility
    INVRB       Invert Record and Branch
    IOCSM       Input/Output Conversely Synchronized to Matrix
    IOR         Illogical OR
    IPS         Ignite Power Supply
    ISP         Interchange Segment Pointers
    ISR         Illogical Shift to the Right
    ITLKC       Interlock Core
    JMKYP       Jam Keypunches
    JMPNC       Punch
    JTRA        Jump To Restricted Address
    LED         Load and Erase Data
    LGOWY       Load and Go Away
    LMBR        Lose Message and Branch
    LPCON       Loop Continuous
    LSWWB       Load Status Word from Write Buffer
    MDB         Multiply and Drop Bits
    MDRBT       Move and Drop Bits
    MKTIV       Make Tape Invalid
    MVCON       Move Continuous
    MVLR        Move and Lose Record
    MVWRC       Move and Wrap Core
    OBFCS       Obfuscate Following Code Section
    OCFO        Operate Correctly For Once ** DISCONTINUED **
    OOAO        Overflow On Any Operation
    OOOH        Or Only On Half-hours
    PBC         Print and Break Chain
    PBS         Pop Before Stacking
    PCHD        Punch Disk
    PCHOP       Punch Operator
    PDKBN       Punch Disk Binary
    PEFLP       Propagate Error From Last Program
    PINV        Punch Invalid
    PNCS        Pick New Clock Speed
    POF         Print On Fly
    PRANB       Pick up Random Bits
    PRSMR       Print and Smear
    PSI         Print and Smear Ink
    QPA         Question Programmer's Authority  ** PRIVILEGED INSTRUCTION **
    RATDB       Resist Attempts To Debug
    RBAFG       Read Binary And Forget
    RBT         Read and Break Tape
    RCDRD       Rewind Card Reader
    RCDSCD      Read Card and Scramble Data
    RCTKG       Read Count Key and Garbage
    RDBGG       Random Bug Generator  ** SPECIAL FEATURE **
    RDBR        Read Bad Record
    RDC         Repeatedly Dump Core
    RDCBX       Read Chad Box
    RDCHS       Read Chaos
    RDIOST      Read-In Only Storage  ** SPECIAL FEATURE **
    RDIRG       Read Inter Record Gap
    RDNOR       Read Noise Record
    RDRND       Read and Randomize Data
    REDTH       Reduce Throughput
    REIMT       Reinitialize Meter
    REMEC       Re-Enact Most Entertaining Crash
    REPAB       Reverse Parity And Branch
    REWFR       Rewind Forward
    RINV        Read Invalid
    RIODNR      Rotate Input/Output Device Numbers Randomly
    RNR         Rather Not Run
    ROLPR       Rewind On-Line Printer
    RPBL        Read Print and Blush
    RPI         Reverse Priority of Interrupts
    RPLT        Read from Plotter
    RPM         Read Programmer's Mind
    RPTR        Read from Printer
    RRR         Rotate Right Randomly
    RRT         Record and Rip Tape
    RSD         Read and Scramble Data
    RVDOD       Reverse Drum Or Disk
    RVDRI       Reverse Drum Immediate
    RWBKT       Rewind and Break Tape
    RWCRD       Rewind Card Reader
    RWDSK       Rewind Disk
    RWTOD       Rewind Tape Onto Disk
    RWWRT       Read and Write While Ripping Tape
    SAFMC       Smoke All Foreign-Made Chips
    SARTZ       Subtract And Reset To Zero
    SCCHS       Scramble Channels
    SCDTA       Scatter Data
    SCMRY       Scatter Memory
    SCPR        Scatter Print
    SCPSW       Scatter Program Status Word
    SCTSC       Start Countdown To System Crash
    SEMP        Simulate Electro-Magnetic Pulse
    SFSSO       Scrap File System and Start Over
    SHLPN       Sharpen Light Pencil
    SIWGR       Service Interrupt When Good and Ready
    SKRSD       Seek Record and Scar Disk
    SLD         Slip Disk
    SMTACS      Shift Manual To Automatic and Check Stop
    SOSAJ       Select Output Stacker And Jam
    SPRDK       Shuffle Program Deck
    SPT         Scramble Protected Tapes
    SPWB        Show Programmer Who's Boss
    SRZ         Subtract and Reset to Zero
    SSD         Seek and Scratch Disk
    SSJ         Select Stacker and Jam
    SSMS        Start Subliminal Messages
    SST         Stop and Stretch Tape
    STAB        Switch To Alternate Bedlam
    STSLD       Stacker Select Disk
    STTPB       Stretch Tape Binary
    STUP        Stacker Upset
    SULK        Sulk
    SWRC        Switch To Random Context
    TADBT       Transfer And Drop Bits
    TCLSR       Transfer Control and Lose Return
    TCTDK       Transfer Control To Disk
    TCTOL       Transfer Control To Overhead Lights
    TCTPL       Transfer Control To Pilot Lights
    TCTWS       Transfer Control To Wall Socket
    TMTDK       Transfer Monitor To Disk
    TPDEC       Triple Pack Decimal
    TPR         Tear Paper
    TRAHG       Transfer And Hang
    TRDB        Transfer And Drop Bits
    TRSCH       Trap Secretary and Halt
    TUDF        Thrash Until Disk Failure
    UILSA       Use Indicator Lights to Simulate Activity
    UINDA       Use Inverse Digital Array
    ULU         Undo Last Update
    UNCPB       Uncouple CPUs and Branch
    UPERR       Update and Erase Record
    UPTR        Update Transaction
    VDS         Violate Design Specifications
    VPIBC       Verify Programmer's Intent Before Continuing
    WCTKG       Write Count Key and Garbage
    WCTPC       Write Current Temperature to Program Counter
    WED         Write and Erase Data
    WID         Write Invalid Data
    WMTAE       Write Memory , Transfer, And Erase
    WNOSR       Write Noise Record
    WUNW        Write Until Next Write
    WWCTM       Write Whatever Comes To Mind
    WWRLR       Write Wrong Length Record
    XCLI        Translate Code to LISP and Interpret
    XIO         Execute invalid Opcode
    XIP         Execute Invalid Program
    XMAS        Exclusive OR Main Areas of Storage
    XPE         Execute Program Error
    XPR         Execute Programmer
    ZAMM        Zap All Magnetic Media
    ZIPCD       Address of Memory .  Zip Code = 85281
    ZIPEX       Address by Nine-Digit Zipcode