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Teaching Assistant Task Description: "Advanced Computer Science II Lab (Software Engineering Lab)"

This document describes the tasks of a teaching assistant (TA) specific for the this lecture, in addition to the general tasks.

What's special:

  • 2 weeks before semester start:
    • try tlab003.clamv.iu-bremen.de as CLAMV teaching machine and svn repository; get your login from Achim GELESSUS.
    • prepare master implementation, discuss this year's project details with instructor

  • 1 week before semester start:
    • have reference implementation ready, do handover with instructor.
    • check out old svn contents to some private directory of yours (for later comparison against illegal student copying of code), clear old svn contents

  • first lecture:
    • give a ~30min introduction to using dia drawing tool

...so much about regulations. And now let's enjoy collaboration!

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